Little messages & sweet nothings from my wonderful clients

Endless gratitude for you! 


If you feel so inclined to leave a message about your experience working with me, please comment below! 

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Melinda Rice
7 months ago

Every day for the past month I see these new tattoos on my arms, and I feel good and strong with them, I feel like I love my decisions, I feel like I have space to be myself, and I think of your precision and kindness and stories as you gave them to me. I've taken some new steps with this newly adorned body, stretched out myself, and I know that part of it is being in a liminal space where I feel I've given myself a reminder of who I am, and how I can change, right on my body. One wild thing (to me) is that almost nobody is asking about my new adornment. Like, even friends I've told about it beforehand. And I think it's because these ornaments were always there, in a way, and we just made them visible, they feel so completely at home with me. Thank you for giving me these beautiful tattoos. I feel so lucky to carry them and a thought of you with me

8 months ago

I put all my trust into Rev with my tattoo(s) & was not disappointed. They are gentle & put so much effort into creating a peaceful environment for you. Conversation w/ Rev during the session was fun & pleasant –& the silences weren't even a tad awkward! Felt so at peace. Can't wait to get poked by them again ♥️

Nola Scalzo
9 months ago

My first hand poke experience and Reverie was extremely gentle, considerate and lovely! My tattoo turned out sooo beautiful and delicate and darkened as it healed, which was very neat. I will certainly be returning :)

9 months ago

I am obsessed with Rev in every way. Gorgeous designs, wonderful space, excellent technique -incredibly peaceful experience overall. They were so wonderful to work with on both my custom and flash - I will definitely be back again! For anyone who is hesitant, just reach out - Rev was patient, helpful, thoughtful, and wonderful all while I was indecisive and anxious, which made my experience so reassuring and ultimately exciting and fun!

9 months ago

Casey is wonderful! Free handed her flash design while customizing it to my size and need. We talked the entire time and the session was great. Nearly 6months out and my tattoo is healed and lovely. Highly suggest Casey!

9 months ago

Loveliest experience ever 😌 it was my first large scale stick and poke tattoo so I was super nervous but it was so pleasant and painless I fell asleep a couple times lol. Made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, perfect music on the entire time and lovely chats. Also my tattoo is gorgeous and perfect…

9 months ago

I’ve never felt more comfortable during a tattoo! Rev has a gift of making people feel at ease for what can be a really intimidating experience. The love and effort they put into the design was obvious. I would get tattooed by them again in a heartbeat!

9 months ago

As soon as I stepped foot into the space, I was transported into a peaceful place, a pleasance, if you will. I set an intention before my tattoo (for the first time ever!) and it completely transformed my experience into one of enjoyment. I felt as though I was in ritual with my body as she was being blessed with an adornment! Sweet, soft, serene are some of the words I would use to describe the experience. Their music choice always has me asking, “WhO iS tHiS!?” I was even given a little snack!! It was fresh fruit!! (I can’t promise this for you, though you should know the kindness and gratitude that they offer). Their intuition when it came to both of my tattoo placements has helped me to love my arms and my body more than I could ever know. I also have NEVER had such a wonderful and painless tattoo experience. Dare I say… I enjoyed it at moments? Check it out for yourself.

9 months ago

if you’re thinking about getting skin embroidery from rev this is your sign to go ahead and get on those books! rev’s art and attention to the tattooing experience will make you feel at home in your body x

9 months ago

hell yeah I think you should get a tattoo from Rev! they put so much thought into every facet of giving a tattoo and it really has you feeling so special and calm. also it almost always feels like we’re on the same page about what I desire for the tattoo (placement+size etc.) and if not I feel welcome to share that which is rad.

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